©Igor Antic 1995/1997.

Following the model of the Institute of higher studies in art in Paris, Igor Antic founded the Encounter Centre "Pokret" ("The movement") in Serbia in 1995, a place where the exchange of ideas gathered creators and intellectuals around the round tables.

Many debates were launched regarding the situation of artists in a country during a war and widespread crisis. Emphasis is placed on social engagement through esthetics. "Pokret" also attempted to establish communication with international community, which came to a halt due to the embargo on Yugoslavia.

Igor Antic's idea was to create a structure for the future, a sort of "nucleus" causing similar groups to form around it. It was a work in progress based on memory, a work whose results can not be presently evident.

The Encounter Centre "Pokret"- Seminars:

1995 : "Moral and mythology in contemporary art," March-April 1995. Academy of Art, Novi Sad. Sponsored by "Soros" Fund - Yugoslavia. In partnership with artist Zoran Pantelic.
Participants: Branislava Andjelkovic, Igor Antic, Katarina Ambrozic, Apsolutno, Chen Zhen, Ivan Colovic, Stanisa Dautovic, Jerko Denegri, Branislav Dimitrijevic, Zoran Eric, Boris Kovac, Mileta Prodanovic, Monica Regas, Veit Stratmann, Irina Subotic, Jadranka Tolic, Stevan Vukovic, Srdjan Jovanovic - Weiss...

1997: "Conquering the space," August-September 1997. Academy of Science and Art and Center of Visual Culture "Zlatno oko," Novi Sad. Sponsored by "Fund for an open society" - Yugoslavia. Technical and administrative organization: UKA "Apostrophe." Participants: Andreas Bruning, Patrice Ceccarini, Christophe Denise, Victor Misiano, Liliana Motta, Jérôme Sans et Anya Wiese

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